Where Our Wool Came From

We got the chance to buy the stock from a wool shop that closed several years ago.
We took it, but the deal was that we cleared everything, which was fine, only........
It all came in black bags, 100s of black bags and we don't have room to open them all and sort out what's there.
We're working our way through them, a bag at a time and each one's a surprise.
It is also why if you ask for a certain yarn, I don't know if we have any or not. All we can tell you about is the ones I have 'sorted at the moment' and that changes when the next bag is opened.
It is also why I keep a list of yarns people are looking for, let me know if you want something put on it.
Bear in mind that the wool shop closed about 2000, so we wont have any yarns produced after that date, but we have a wonderful stock of ones from before then :-)

These photos will give you some idea of what we are up against.
This is what is STILL waiting to be sorted.
Good job Frank had a nice, large, dry workshop we could use.....

This is what his workshop now looks like.
The boxes of envelopes are on a table; the black bags start at floor level.

I'm only 5' tall but I can walk under that beam that goes acoss the centre of the photo
- with my high heels on and I don't bang my head.
The padding on it is there for Frank, he's a good bit taller than I am.

The piles are a lot taller than me

When we off loaded the vans it came in,
we just started at the back of the workshop and worked our way forward and up.
I don't think the workshop is going to be a workshop again for a very long time.

We have made a dent in it......honest,
but I think it's only us that can see it.
At one point you couldn't see that beam.

Now you've understand why this site may never be finished.

Fortunately the lady that owned the wool shop believed that if you were going to go to the trouble of knitting something, you should use good quality materials. She also had a wonderful eye for colour and the yarn proves it, even her value and saver ranges are excellent.

You may not have heard of some ranges (and even some brands) but they are all worth giving a try. As long as you check your tension, they will knit to modern patterns.


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Where it all came from


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